The Seesaw Center 935 Pine Ave., Castle Shannon, PA 15234 Phone: 412-953-6161

Join the Board of Directors

During this 2016-2017 play season, we ask that you take the time to consider if you would have the time and the desire to become a member of board of directors. We need your help and want to pass down the unique and interesting traditions of The Seesaw Center.

With just a few hours a month, you could help make a difference in the running of our favorite winter play place. We meet one night a month during the play season months to discuss the operations of the center. The different sub committees meet approximately four times over the summer. Two of these times include the cleaning, setting-up, and taking down of the toys for storage.

The typical term is for two years. This way we always have a few experienced people on the board to help explain procedure and keep things running smoothly.

Your creative juices can flow or you can exercise your business skills by joining the board. We are a non-profit business and we can certainly use any business savvy you may wish to share. We are also focused on making the center a fun place for the children and occasionally an educational place for parents. Artistry, a good sense of humor and dedication are much admired board member characteristics, too.

The types of people who volunteer tend to be wonderful people who are easy to befriend. As parents of young children, we have a lot in common. We have a lot of fun spending time together and we do have several social events for the board members to attend.

Click here to download a Board Member Application