The Seesaw Center 935 Pine Ave., Castle Shannon, PA 15234 Phone: 412-953-6161

Celebrate your child's next birthday at The Seesaw Center!

Birthday parties may be held at the Seesaw Center on Saturdays from 1:00PM to 3:00PM. Only members of the Seesaw Center are eligible to schedule a birthday party at the center. Guests may play in the main center play area. A party room located just down the hall from the play area will be available for refreshments, decorations, presents, etc. A staff member will be on site in the play area during the party, but the individuals hosting the party will be responsible for set up and clean up of all party supplies.

Each child attending the party must have a Seesaw Center release form signed by a parent and/or guardian in order for the child to play in the center. Signed forms should be given to the center staff member upon arrival. The center's rules are listed on the back of each release form.


Use of the facility and party room is included in the package cost.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of $25 is required upon making your reservation.

Package Rates

5-15 Children: $125

16-30 Children: $150

Food: You may make your own arrangements for food. Refreshments are not included in the price. Food may be served in the party room, down the hall from the play area. If you choose to provide rereshments closed drinks-juice boxes or pouches work best (we don't permit open cups). Snacks, lunch-type food, cake, cupcakes, or a cookie may also be served. Individual ice cream cups may be easier to manage than scooping from large containers of ice cream.

No food is permitted in the play area.

Decorations: Decorations and Mylar balloons may be set up in the party room; however, neither decorations nor balloons are allowed in the main play area because they present a significant choking hazard for children.